Run, Run, As fast as you can, You can't catch me, I'm in a car.

An atheist and a priest agree to a public debate. The priest doesn't make much of an attempt to argue because there is a young boy in his podium giving him a handjob.

Why did the bunny cross the road? It didn't, It was hit by a truck...

What's the difference between your mom and a table? The table has legs.

Chuck Norris was so good at karate that he held the middle weight world title for 6 years and was named fighter of the year by Black Belt Magazine. He also used his talents to start a successful acting and advertising career.

How do u know someones running? They leave this????behind

I ate a pancake for breakfast not

A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a butcher's shop. The priest and the minister each by a pound of pork while the rabbi doesn't because one of the 613 Commandments is that a Jew shall not eat any animal with hooves.

A red-head, a brunette and a blond are trapped on an island 10km from civilization. The red-head swims 1.5km's, but is to tired, so she swims back to the island. The brunette swims 3km's, but is too tired, so she swims back to the island. After watching the first two fail, the blond evaluates the situation and decides that she does not possess the swimming ability required to reach the 5km point (At which swimming back to the island becomes equally as far as swimming to civilization), and instead stays on the island and creates a signal fire out of bits of debris scattered on the island, getting rescued within hours.

how do goldfishes drown? you pull them backward water fills there lung and there die

what is the difference between a black person and a little boy with autism .... the boy with autism is smarter with more education than the black person

hey how do you turn the Xbox controller off thats easy turn the xbox off.

why was the man gay? because he likes men.

Your father must be an alien because he's driving a UFO

How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? Two. One to change the bulb, one to suck my dick!

What do you call people in a plane crash? Whatever, i wasn't on the plane.

why did the african american man get shot? he partook in a gang life

How does a black man have sex? He inserts his penis into his partners vagina, then slides it out, then inserts it back in, and repeats this motion untill he has reached his climax and ejaculates!

Q. What do you call a black pilot A. A pilot

how do you kill a jew? inject him/her with gratuitous amounts of cyanide until they cease to have brain function and a pulse.

Your momma is so ugly she gave freedy krooger nightmares!

What did Sir Mix a lot say to the girl with a big butt? Your very beautiful.

How many fingers do most people have? 10

Why was the boy depressed? A. because his whole family was slaughtered on the kitchen floor.

Anti Joke

What are Antijokes? Anti Jokes (or Anti Humor) is a type of comedy in which the uses is set up to expect a typical joke setup however the joke ends with such anticlimax that it becomes funny in its own right. The lack of punchline is the punchline.

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