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Are You A Zombie?

  • Incorrect. Echidnas can also lay eggs.

  • So I saw '5 comments' and I was like oh boy! but then this.

  • Figuratively speaking, one can argue that the creator of this joke layed an egg.

  • The plural of platypus is technically platypodes as the word originates from the greek language along with octopus. The U.S., having English based primarily in Latin, changed the plural of the suffix -pus to -pi. In the 1980s it was argued that -pi was incorrect and, as most people in this country are stupid and won't ever use podes, they basically said screw it and made it officially -puses.

  • They are called a Monotremes , and Echidnas lays eggs too.

  • Actually, you can use platypi and/or platypodes interchangeably, so the first "corrector" is doubly incorrect.

  • I think it's funny when people get upset over misunderstandings.

  • Not to kill it or anything... But echidnas lay eggs too. >__>

  • looks like i don't need to add my two cents, good thing the rest of the internet is at least intelligent to point out the flaws of this joke.

  • No they are not the short-beaked echidna and the long-beaked echidna also lay eggs and they are mammals

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