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  • kll them

  • Well I live in an apartment complex, next door to a young Chinese family. Which is why I googled, "Why do Chinese people stink?". I respect cooks (I am a culinary grad myself) but... The smells that come out of their apartment are strong and out of the ordinary, I am always left nauseous. It smells like they cook lots of fish, dog and even cat. I am not joking or being intentionally mean. many times, I have noticed that this family leaves their stinky trash bags full of left overs and dirty diapers right outside their apartment door. (they have a three year old son) We are inside an apartment building so you can only imagine how the hallway smells. Disgusting!! The smells are so bad, they stink up my apartment. (the smell leaks through the vents) I like Chinese food. well Asian food in general but when I smell this, I really don't know what I am smelling. A mixture of trash, dirty diapers and other stuff. It just makes my feel sick. I am not sure if it's in their culture to be dirty people or if it's just this family. I want to be believe it's just this particular Chinese family. On the other hand, almost every time I hear about the health department shutting down another restaurant for health code violations, nine times out of ten, it's an Asian place. It's probably just those Asians who are not Asian American. Meaning those who weren't born and raised in America. That's my guess. Well... what should I do about this? There isn't really much I can do except for complain about the trash which I did. Cooking and being dirty isn't a crime. So i am just left disgusted every day. Bummer!

  • Your situation sounds just like mine. The assigns in my apartment makes the whole place smell like a dirty BO sock with fish 24/7. They are the most repulsive and MEAN neighbors ever. NEVER move in next to asains period unless you like the smell of garbage and shifty losers.

  • The Chinese tend to put smelly garbage and leftovers outside their apartments to a dirty place so they don't have smells in their home. To the Chinese and Japanese who have no body odor because of lack of body hair, white people who are not smooth but hairy have a natural goat sheep smell that is malodorous to the Chinese. The Chinese unlike Japanese also find Western perfumes to be a malodorous stench and find pungent fruits like durians to be heavey, their noses and scent preference are genetically different. Google Chinese delicacy smelly tofu. Expensive French cheese to Chinese noses smell like sewage. The doorway outside with public smells is probably considered smelly and a dirty ok place to put garbage bag before it is disposed. They probably thought that since the white neighbours have body odours, the wouldn't mind the smells unlike the Chinese. In Asian cities, garbage are disposed of immediately down in a chute and does not need to be brought down, so they are not used to bringing the trash to the basement immediately. Chinese cities are also not as cold in winter so buildings are not enclosed and smells recirculated like in North America. They are aired outside the apartment where the smells escape. Chinese skyscrapers are made of steel and concrete which unlike steel with wood and wallpaper do not absorb odours. I think you should politely ring their doorbell and nicely volunteer for your neighbors to immediately take their garbage downstairs and they will get the hint. The Chinese hate to lose "face" subject to the slightest shame will feel very guilty and politely immediately take their trash down and volunteer to take yours out if you are in a condo. Some inconsiderate neighbours be they white or Chinese are just bad neighbours which is why never buy a condo. You won't have this problem if you live in a house. White people complain about Chinese and Indian smells and Chinese conplain about white body odour, goat sheep beer body odour and Indians complain that Chinese and bland Western foods lack the smell and punch of their spices herbs and currencies. Even within families and within races people don't like each other's smells if they live in crammed condos. If they live in huge houses far apart they will miss each other's foods and smells. This is just human nature. Rich and poor Chinese, clean and dirty white people also fight each other because of smells and scent preferences. This is a divisive topic because the olfactory senses reach deep into your brain and soul. If your nanny breastfed you close to dirty smelly socks, you will forever find that smell motherly. If your parent died of cancer surrounded by roses you will forever feel nauseous when you smell roses. This is Pavlovian effect at work. It is all relative. China Chinese are dirtier and smellier if they are peasants because peasant work ways and lives are dirtier..same in Europe...China is an agrarian and newly industrialized very polluted country so median standards are lower but the upper middle class and the rich can exceed the hygiene standards of the Europeans. Their new apartments and bathrooms are spotless as in the showroom. Their hotels and airlines are of a relatively high standard although they can't compare to Hong Kong and Singapore international ranking for hygiene, cleanliness and service. It is all about wealth and not really about culture or race.

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