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Are You A Zombie?

  • I think I may go to hell for lol-ing...

  • That's too funny to be an anti-joke.

  • Awww, poor made up boy with made up cancer.

  • A better answer is...Nobody knows, he hasn't opened it yet.

  • yep I'm going to hell.

  • that person who wrote the disabled comment needs to f*ck off and die, ass hole!!

  • An anti joke supost to be funny why is it funny when some has cancer my anty just die from cancer and look at this and say why are people alould to put that suff on this post to funny site but it's not ..........

  • or a bike...

  • thts to far my brother developed cancer and died from it 3 days after christmas :( R.I.P David

  • that's so mean, but I laughed, and now I feel bad

  • Laughed my balls off then I remembered that I had cancer when I was little :(

  • Took an arrow to the knee!


  • dont you hate it when you tell a joke like this to someone and they say something like "My best friend died of cancer"? o_o i'm going to hell

  • I like turtles

  • Dude this is just plain disrespectful. You suck. You don't know how many people have died from cancer. Cancer almost took my life when I was younger. You obviously don't know the value of life.

  • they are called "anti-jokes" for a reason…

  • What did the sea say to the tide? Answer--Long time no sea.

  • That's sad.

  • if you think the person is sick then you should in fact kill yourself for not understanding the concept of an Anti-Joke.

  • I like to say hand sanitizer.....

  • I retold it, changing the punch line to "A cancer diagnosis." To my ear, it flows more nicely. HiLARious joke.

  • OMG that is sooooo mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the heck

  • I don't get why this joke is funny? please someone tell me.

  • He got a bike....

  • thats hilarious

  • thats so mean. some people actually have problems like that and thats just rude. idc if its a joke or not.

  • Yep it's certain I'm going to hell

  • I am soon about to masturbate.

  • srry for last post i messed up i meant person posting and any who laughed.

  • What did he get for his birthday? Nothing; he didn't live that long.

  • o

  • What did the tide say to the sea? answer-- Lomg time no sea. LOL Issaiah from OHIO yolo.

  • I feel so bad for telling this joke to someone..:( i never really thought of it like that.

  • There is no such a thing as going too far. Offense is all in your head and it's completely unnecessary. It only creates misery anyway.

  • I had cancer n was in the hospital for Christmas it sucked:( Funny jokes tho keep em coming.

  • a treadmill

  • This is a standard joke, not an anti-joke.

  • They aren't funny that's what makes them funny

  • that is fuking sly as out, hope you get cancer then look back at this and then see how you feel

  • This is depressingly funny :).... or :( or :)(:():

  • It's fine if you don't find it funny. And you are right that cancer is not a joke. But these are anti-jokes and they are supposed to be so untasteful that they end up being funny. This means sometimes talking about sensitive matters. If you are easily offended or have had something like this happen to you, then stay away from anti-jokes. I mean no offence to anyone - just advice that I think is helpful. Please don't send me horrible comments.

  • That's not funny.....,,.all of you GI to hell

  • People who are disgusted should just leave because I think this is hilarious!

  • I'm ten and only have one arm and I have cancer dickhead


  • this is sad i think you went a little too far

  • i got a bag of diahreah...

  • What do you call a snail on a boat A SNAILOR HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  • Cancer is funny cause people die


  • This ain't

  • this is mean bro, not cool

  • mean as hell but funny

  • (.)(.) YAY!!!!

  • I would rather have a bike than cancer,,,,,

  • i know cancer isnt a joke but... its a joke dont take it seriously its made up the kid isnt real.

  • the whole joke is........... why did bob fall of the swing? because he had no arms why didn't he get up? because he had no legs what did he get for christmas? cancer knock knock who's there? not bob >:)

  • If you dont like the joke or take offence in it then don't read it or just leave and forget about it when you did read it. It's funny.... I laughed... Jokes can be cruel and msot of the times the awkward jokes are the most funny. I laughed... it was funny.

  • Several things: This IS an anti-joke. Please stop posting things that make it a real joke. Its fine when you post a funny joke, but you don't need to take an existing anti-joke and turn it around. That being said, posting real jokes is fine, just try not to. And people on those posts, stop bitching and get on with your lives

  • Genius

  • Laughing at this while thinking it's wrong is kind of contradictory, considering you'd only be fooling yourself. I laughed. I love myself. Good night.

  • WHO PUT THIS HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

  • Answer should be shoes.

  • chill everyone, I'm sure he has eyes

  • Gloves.

  • hahahahahahah!!! Nearly pissed myself. Yes, cancer is bad, m-kay but jeez, it's a joke, lighten up people..... Cancer patients probably think this is funny as well

  • She mum died in Acari accident later that day. And his grandmother passed away. Merry Chrismas!

  • Diabolical. I came on here for not funny jokes to bore my hyper friends to sleep with on my sleep over. My mum has cancer and is going to die in a couple of months at the most ( doctors info) so wait until i tell her this 'joke'. The person who rote this is a joke...this is in no way funny, cancer is a serious matter!

  • that is rude, mean and freakin retarded no body needs to freakin joke around about that stuff..... gosh get a life (or a job).

  • I don't get why this joke is funny? please someone tell me.

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