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Are You A Zombie?

  • Haha my dad told me this joke!! And to all the people hating on this guy for posting it^^^ Grow up it's an effing joke, because if we left it up to you political correctness nazis, we would be just as oppressed as past societies from the slave trade to nazi Germany to even today North Korea. So to you OP, I say Bravo

  • You piece of shit i hope your babies all die

  • To the Guy who said "I hope your babies all die"- You're a legend

  • How do you get Pikachu on a bus? POKE-HIM-ON :D That should cheer things up here a bit. :)

  • Hahaha this one made my day =)))

  • I'm not a self-righteous man, but this joke is really old. And not an anti-joke in any way.

  • What the hell is wrong with you, I have grandparents that died in the holocaust u bastard

  • This isn't an anti-joke, it's just a shock joke.

  • Fuck you ya little windy pussy.Its a joke !

  • That moment when Jew isn't an actual race therefore it cant be racist... maybe intolerant but either way 5/5 i lol'd

  • this is an ANTI JOKE website. Retard.

  • Judging from all the angry people... i think this site is run by jews. It would explain why the jokes are so well written.

  • listen I'm Jewish ad I have to say that joke was funny I even wrote it down you guys are being to self centered if yu don't like the joke don't come on this site -kaite j.

  • Its PewDiePie all over again. I for one think this is funny as hell. Good job for this one.

  • tuberculosis

  • the pizza doesnt get offended when you tell a joke.

  • How is this even racist? Literally just replace the word "jew" with any other ethnicity or type of person, and its still funny!

  • That's awful...

  • Haha the same joke got 2000+ likes closer to the front!!!

  • You're an asshole. Go f*** a rusty nail.

  • 34 by 44 inches is the size of chuck norise's dick

  • "first off this isn't a joke, second off you stole it, and third off you are probably a low life loser sitting in his parents basement playing World of warcraft " I play WoW :(

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  • I can see how this would be offensive, but I laughed anyway.

  • Im jewish asshole


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