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  • Haha my dad told me this joke!! And to all the people hating on this guy for posting it^^^ Grow up it's an effing joke, because if we left it up to you political correctness nazis, we would be just as oppressed as past societies from the slave trade to nazi Germany to even today North Korea. So to you OP, I say Bravo

  • You piece of shit i hope your babies all die

  • To the Guy who said "I hope your babies all die"- You're a legend

  • How do you get Pikachu on a bus? POKE-HIM-ON :D That should cheer things up here a bit. :)

  • Hahaha this one made my day =)))

  • I'm not a self-righteous man, but this joke is really old. And not an anti-joke in any way.

  • Fuck you ya little windy pussy.Its a joke !

  • What the hell is wrong with you, I have grandparents that died in the holocaust u bastard

  • That moment when Jew isn't an actual race therefore it cant be racist... maybe intolerant but either way 5/5 i lol'd

  • the pizza doesnt get offended when you tell a joke.

  • This isn't an anti-joke, it's just a shock joke.

  • Judging from all the angry people... i think this site is run by jews. It would explain why the jokes are so well written.

  • How is this even racist? Literally just replace the word "jew" with any other ethnicity or type of person, and its still funny!

  • this is an ANTI JOKE website. Retard.

  • "first off this isn't a joke, second off you stole it, and third off you are probably a low life loser sitting in his parents basement playing World of warcraft " I play WoW :(

  • 34 by 44 inches is the size of chuck norise's dick

  • That's awful...

  • You sick bastard, that's discusting. According to your sick little joke, gueniside is funny. I can't even type anymore because that's just plain sick man.

  • listen I'm Jewish ad I have to say that joke was funny I even wrote it down you guys are being to self centered if yu don't like the joke don't come on this site -kaite j.

  • Im jewish asshole

  • You're an asshole. Go f*** a rusty nail.

  • tuberculosis

  • I can see how this would be offensive, but I laughed anyway.

  • Its PewDiePie all over again. I for one think this is funny as hell. Good job for this one.

  • Jews? I love jews!

  • frtyuhutiksytus67vc nyhju0opklhgfmnadgkjfhgndkjnrju rmgnjgtbrjkgnjrdhtjkgvkdhitjhgjelgjhjhakehykrthnkrjgh monkey jfkgkjnhnfkdjhgnjgrklhngjrfgtjnghjlkrag rjeyjhl5tyj5kirjy5lojyoly 5rjjhj0yojihklkjhiikgv

  • You racist bastard! That's not funny-its disgusting! You will oneday pay for that! The Jews are God's people and their enemies will be His enemies, says the Word of God! Watch out!!!!!

  • This isn't an anti-joke. it's just a bad joke.

  • Haha the same joke got 2000+ likes closer to the front!!!

  • My God! What is your problem?

  • Im jewish, and this is NOT something to joke about.

  • What's funnier than every anti joke................3

  • To the person who said " i hope your babies die" your just as disrespectful.

  • Pizza? I love pizza!

  • Way to offend a major religion, asshole. Burn in hell along with your loved ones.

  • So many jews getting butthurt over a joke hahahaha

  • I love how much everyone freaks out on here lol you all look like a bunch of tools

  • disgusting joke, not funny at all ugh

  • This joke is terrible. My grandpa died in the Holocaust.. He fell off one of the guard towers.. ;)) TROLOLOL

  • Lol @ the guy saying this joke was racist. How is it a racist joke you tally whacker

  • hahaha, wait no

  • roses are red my screm is blue and i have a question what did you do?

  • This is messed up and offensive if you were a jew you would not like this said about you!!!!! And btw jesus was a jew so you just made fun of Jesus!!!

  • Fuck the jews

  • Technically the nazis would burn Jews if they were already dead. But still the holocaust was horrible, joke still made me laugh.

  • Dumbass. The Holocaust isn't something to joke about, seven million people died and meanwhile you're laughing about it.

  • Depends what you put on the pizza

  • You're a bigoted piece of horseshit

  • For All the people questioning why this joke is racist this is why: While it's true that a lot of the anti-jokes posted on this site make funof racist jokes- this is actually a racist joke. During the holocaust the Nazis used to burn Jewish people (and members of other minorities- but mainly Jewish people) in ovens to incinerate their corpses. There are loads of people alive today who still remember the holocaust and had families who died in the holocaust. I suppose it's possible that the writer of this joke was aiming for some sort of ironic anti-racism joke like some of the other jokes on this site are (I like to think that, rather than believe that people would actually make PUNS about the Holocaust) - but (unintentionally or not) this joke is connected with a horrific event in human history and should probably be taken down.

  • No.

  • OK, this was racist, but how come the one for the Jews got negative thimbs down, but the one for the Muslims that was also racist got, like, 2 or 3 thousand thumbs up? Seriously?

  • Wow, butthurt retards. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Holocaust is still a sensitive topic, but when someone mentions Hiroshima & Nagasaki nobody cares. Not even the Japanese themselves vow revenge against the assholes who did it. Arabs are also semites, & when someone cracks a terrorist/Muslim/Osama joke everyone laughs, yet when someone cracks a Jew joke suddenly it's anti-semitism?! Wow, just wow... Heh, this reminds me of that Volkswagen joke.

  • Geneaside would imply killing all Jewish descent , all it is anti-Semitic itsan anti-joke it states something true and is not intent on being funny

  • Omg.. Everyone over reacts Jesus

  • Actually, all the anti-German "nazi this, nazi that" is the load of crap. Jews own all the media and literally own 99% of the opinions of the brainwashed fools who get all offended like a trained dog. Nobody cares about anybody else, not Arabs, not White people--only Jews. You all should be ashamed. Oh, and the seven million figure is actually the Ukrainian genocide that nobody talks about because it's not what the Jews will pay TV networks to say. Seriously, get educated, people, and stop being tools of the Rothschilds.

  • That's just creul

  • To the guy who said "I hope your babies all die", and to the guy that said he was a legend, ROCK ON! lml(-.-)lml

  • No I'd call that a typing error

  • This is horrible and not funny

  • To the person who said how would you feel if someone put you in a oven, he wouldn't feel anything he'd be dead

  • That wasn't even funny. Thats so messed up

  • besides being antisemitic, this is an offensive anti-joke fail

  • What's the difference between you and a pizza? No one fucking likes you.

  • you suck bunions from hell

  • **** you, you **** sucking piece of **** i hope your **** **** gets the **** beat out of you you worthless ****! i hope the **** cavalry is ready to kick your **** ass cuz i aint takin your **** anymore **** you understand me ****? huh? do you **** understand me ****?

  • I'll give a fair review, instead of an emotional response. This is not anti-joke, and is more of a religious/racial/ethnic/etc. joke. Something more along those lines of being "anticlamatic" would be a response to the question such as "A Jew is a human being and a pizza is not."

  • i hope you die in tortures.

  • How can people say that this is racist when Judaism IS NOT EVEN A DAMN RACE! FFS, PPL! -_-

  • "Hateful. Disrespectful. Ignorant. Inhuman." Do you really expect more from the internet?


  • I feel serious bad about laughing about this, and I think it's sick and disgusting, but I find the way that it is the least popular oke on this whole site funny.

  • to see a bad joke look above

  • Jokes like this take me out of Mein Komfert zone Anne Frankly, I will not stand for them.

  • Hagahah

  • What is the difference between a Boy Scout and a Jew? Boy Scouts come back from camp :D

  • This is funny, x3 Damn jews going around saying it fails. Ofcourse, this is classed as a joke and not an anti-joke per se. It is kinda funny that you go preaching about the holcaust and how bad it was, when you do the same thing towards the palestinians. ^^

  • you are a freakin asshole and a racist piece of shit!! SICKO!!!!!!!

  • I'm Jewish... How do you feel now?

  • This is not an anti-joke. It is racism at its worst.

  • How is this an anti-joke? Just the usual racist ugliness that says everything you need to know about the teller. It doesn't belong on this site.

  • Not even funny -_-

  • well well well... you manged to post the alltime worst anti joke of this website! here are the reasons it was voted worst: its not an anti-joke and you are a racist piece of horseshit. may god have mercy on your soul

  • Orange Jews could go well with my Pizza, hopefully it's concentrated.

  • ok, so i brought this in to my class, and i got detention, so F**K YOU PIECE OF SH*T! PS, 2 the guy who wrote this guys phone number, i called it and it didn't work so crap u

  • Hahaha! Jews.

  • Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Open Your Legs Im Coming Threw.!(:

  • That is rude especially because my grandfather was in the holocaust.

  • The difference between you and a pizza is that: a pizza is a pizza, you're a racist scum

  • mate, this joke was completely in bad taste. i am jewish, my grandfather lost his whole family in the holocaust. Today the Holocaust is still a very sensitive topic, i wonder why it has become the butt of many jokes, i don't see anyone making jokes about the Rwanda or Cambodian Genocide. i have come to the conclusion that you are just a plain anti- semite. you are a bigot and a racist and i pity you.

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