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  • I have friends who are all atheist. I respect them because they respect my beliefs. Proof there's such thing as kind atheists out there. You however give all atheist bad names. Believe He's the son God or not is up to you, but fact is there was a man named Jesus who lived 2000 years ago.

  • Actually, while we can't know for sure weather he was the sun of god or not, there is proof that the man Jesus did infact exist. Again not saying I'm certain he actually walked on water or anything, but 2000 years ago there was a man named Jesus who told people he was the son of god

  • you can joke about that to your insecure friends, but not online you dipshit

  • ^^Comment above^^ No there's not. If you have historical proof, and you're not just regurgitating what you have heard, then please share your sources. I'd love to see this "documentation." That "documentation," is as mythical as the subject.

  • The earliest version of pizza were flatbreads with dressings from Rome in 300 BC Jesus could have had a pizza prototype

  • Don't fucking joke about this stuff

  • People have their own beliefs, this is rude to some people

  • There is no question as to whether Jesus existed or even that he was crucified. There are many First Century sources outside the Bible that confirm these facts, including Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny and others. The only point of contention is whether he was resurrected.

  • It's pointless arguing over things like this you can't prove anything just refrain from talking about these topics.

  • Wow, I guess people on Anti-Joke really are not very well educated. Over 99% of scholars believe that Jesus at least existed. Whether or not you believe He was God or that the Bible is true, that is another thing, but nobody with credibility believes otherwise.

  • This is actually uninformed, as there is factual proof of the existence of Jesus Christ as a historical figure.

  • Believers, stop saying bad things to non-believers. You make Christians look bad when we are supposed to love, not hate. You think that all Muslims are bad, right? Well, not all are, in fact, most are extremely peaceful. You think they are because of the terrorists. When you say something bad, you are making us look bad and making people think that all Christian say stuff like that.

  • Actually Jesus did exist, maybe he was a savior, maybe he was just a good man. + I don't think pizza was invented at the time.

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