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  • If you ingest alot of a certain spice then it will affect your body odour. Though it is a massive stereotype to say all Indians smell like curry it would be fair to say that all people who eat curry regularly will give off some of its aroma through their pours. According to a recent BBC television programme asian people conversely have the same opinion towards westerners with regards ti dairy products, in particular cheese. In my own experience m, after spending a few months in India and then returning to my house and my wife she was aware of me smelling like curry, it is specifically cumin and cardomon that seem to linger. I was aware of my changing body odour myself. There is alot of truth in this common observation.

  • indians don't smell like curry, I find that offensive ( I heard a bowl of curry say this once ). Indians actually smell like f*cking dog sh!t ( I hope that I didn't offend any dog sh!t )

  • I think the problem is that Indians have lived in isolation too long... i.e. behind the curry curtain! Indians who have lived their lives in other countries don't usually smell bad but a couple of Indians I've experienced that have come direct from India... UGHHH!!! It's particularly not good when you work in a service industry like taxi driver! I'm sorry if Indians feel that they are the victims of racism BUT the truth is whether you Google "Indians smell" in English, French, German, Chinese or Japanese you will find comments regarding this problem. I particularly feel sorry for Indian children attending schools overseas because, I have experienced this myself, they often have an odour problem that means that other children bully them or avoid them. A better joke might be - How do Indians smell? ... with their nose, of course! Please, just learn to lift your arms and take a smell and just do something about it.

  • I am an Indian. I don't smell like curry. Its an ignorant and racist misconception that all Indians smell like curry. Do the French smell like Cheese, Germans like Beer, Spanish like Wine, Italians like Pasta, Americans like BBQ sauce, Irish like Stew, Hungarians like Gulash, and Swiss like Chocolate? No. They all don't. Some may smell. Taking bath twice a day and good deodarant will fix it. All racist stupids can sit and suck their brain.

  • I recently had moved to New Jersey. There is tons of India people. Never would I ever thought to see almost 50% population are people from India. I'm not racist but I have to said they do smell like curry and they cheap. A lot of India people had no consideration of others. they think that they are better than anyone. We live in a 2 bedroom apt which is not so big of apt. They walk back and forth 11:30pm, 3:30a.m and 6:00a.m. Why? My kids don't even walk that much. I had talk to them several time in considering we're neighbors . But they still loud and obnoxious continue to walk like they own the place. I heard a lot of of stories from others from how they treat people. If you want respect . Start respecting others or else people will just see you like trash. ( and this is not towards all Indian people )

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