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Are You A Zombie?

  • this is flat out tasteless

  • Jerk many people died on that day and u make fun of it???

  • The answer should be: nothing; planes can't talk.

  • I bet you claped when you saw it happen. Go think about if your family was in that building on that flight. Three thousand people dead you idiot. Let me guess bin laden was your brother.

  • You terrorist you suck

  • Sounds less like an anti joke than a regular joke that is unfunny.

  • I completely agree that this is completely wrong but so are the holocaust jokes and the black jokes and the mexican jokes and noone shows any respect for them?

  • I can appreciate shock value, but this is just stupid. Planes are unable to speak.

  • C'mon. 9/11 jokes are just plane wrong.

  • Low key this was funny

  • This is just unfunny. It's not because it's about 9/11. It's just not funny.

  • this isn't funny, no, but how dare you lot get offended at this particular joke and completely ignore that there are already loads of holocaust and dead baby jokes on this website! it's pathetic.


  • Too soon...too soon

  • whoever wrote this is going to hell

  • not funny the plane crashed into my dads office :(

  • I for one really like this joke

  • Dude, put yourself in the families of the victims place. what if your mom dad brother sister aunt or uncle died that day and somebody made a joke about it. think about that next time.

  • EVERYBODY LISTEN THE FUCK UP, IM NOT GOING TO SAY THIS AGAIN: It's fine, it might be funny, and it might not be depending on the person. It's called SATIRE. So everyone who is like "I'm American, so NO! Not funny, I live in the age and country of HYPERSENSITIVITY!!!" Shut the fuck up. If you don't like it, move on, your fucking human. Start acting like it.

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