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Are You A Zombie?

  • Everything is racist!

  • agreed with previous comment

  • So everyone with a brain is racist.

  • This is some funny shit! F*c%ing baboons can't ties they air Jordans. All black men are bi sexual also. As long as they can dump their demon semen they don't care. Even age is just a number to them. They rape and molest at an astonishingly high rate. I f%% cking hate dirty niggers!

  • Research has shown black descent is less intelligent if not DUMB DUMB DUMB

  • They are because they were bred to be. Slave owners wanted slaves to be dumb big & strong. Smart slaves were killed, only dumb one are left.

  • I agree as well. Did a Thesis on this @ College. The Typical Ni**er is stupid, think, benefit bludgeons of society who the majority of them should be a mass euthanasia cull of them

  • Im sorry but just look at Haiti after 3 years on.Its steal a total shit all and in 3 years on it will steal be a total shitall.It speaks 4 its self they are lazy and thick end look at Japan after what happed there need I SAY MORE!!!!

  • Go to hell cracker hater. Fuck niggers and their lazy ass shit. All you do Is try to rape and play basketball on your shitty little streets.

  • g

  • OK nigger;) If you say so. Lol

  • Romans had running water 2000 years ago. Sub-Saharan blacks today still can't figure it out, without the help of some whitey do-gooder from some liberal charity group coming over to show them how.

  • Im sorry but just look at Haiti after 3 years on.Its steal a total shit all and in 3 years on it will steal be a total shitall.It speaks 4 its self they are lazy and thick end look at Japan after what happed there need I SAY MORE!!!!

  • Has to do with genetically inherited survival traits. We're molded over the generations through natural selection to survive in our environment. This is directly linked to our biological drives for the preservation of energy, need/desire to reproduce, our social or anti-social behavior, and our tendencies toward preparation (intelligence) or the lack thereof. It is a statistical fact that GDP of warmer climates is much lower than that of colder climates. Each of our behaviors is an outwardly expression of our biological drives. Each of us rationalizes our actions and dispositions, including the desire to build bonds with those that look more like we do. So culture plays a part in preserving our traits even when we migrate. Sustained ambition is hard to come by; loyalty even harder. Two key components of above average work ethic. The only thing that remains is caring for your future or that of your family. Why work when there is a government net to catch you. It's been my experience that blacks tend to do as little as possible in the manual labor department on the whole. High manual labor output is a team thing. It could be blacks don't feel like they're a part of the American team. Or it could be that they are simply wired this way and any thought they have is a rationalization of inherent genetic predisposition. Plenty of lazy white people too. One only need take a trip to the trailer parks in the South. I think people don't work because their dreams are dead and they're at least smart enough to know that have no shot at the brass ring. With no hope and no dreams, what's the point.

  • Regardless of skin tone, intelligent, educated men marry intelligent, educated women, have above-average children, and give their children a background that's conducive to succeeding. There's both nature and nurture occurring. Intelligence is hereditary (nature), and a stable home with good role models (nurture) enhances it. When the opposite happens, there's a cycle of poverty and ignorance. It doesn't matter whether it's Poor White Trash or ghetto black, idiots fill the world with more idiots.

  • A smart black guy is about as common as a Jew that can dunk a basketball.

  • I just want to say to my white brothers and sisters that you don't have to preface your feelings and opinions by saying your not a racist. You're merely prejudiced, and prejudging is given to us by God. It's what keeps us safe, alive! If you didn't prejudge people or situations, you could be killed. Let's leave the title racists to the true racists: the blacks. They hate everyone, not just whites.

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